3.Oct.11 - Mass Transmutation Circle Drawing

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I didn't see the cake a before, it looks tasty... Well the rebound doesn't, but the rest does.

Just added it. ^^ Thanks!

For the curious, it's chocolate cake. The circle is made with powdered sugar. :D

mmmmm, powdered sugar.....

That is one awesome-looking cake! Hope it tasted just as good. :D

OMG, that cake is spectacular!! XD Lol, not only did you add the armour (so cute like that!) but even the gloob of not-Trisha! I'm amazed and impressed. ^__^ Shame to eat it though...

Thank you :D I know, we haven't even dug into it yet. I think we'll be giving it to some friends since we're all dieting atm... but not before we save some of it. XD It was a pain and fun to make!

What did you make the figures out of?

omg I want that history-cake!!! DDD:
So awesome~

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